How to Fight a Robot a Scientific Approach by Artem Zaborskiy

These days either you kill a robot or it kills you. This doc. will make your life longer and happier.

As a software engineer who deals with machine learning, I can give you few advices. The first mean is surely a camouflage. To survive, you must not look like a human.

  • Hide the eyes You must never expose your eyes

    A robot detects humans by detecting their eyes. The simplest way to hide your eyes is dark glasses. Full face moto helmet is obviously a better option.

    For details, refer this paper:
  • No nose You must not have a shadow nor mustaches under your nose.

    A somewhat spherical with a dark spot in the middle will be treated as a human head.

    Put a surgical mask on, or again, full face moto helmet. Another option is to have an upward torch on your chest, a flashing one is far better. (Some of us have it already in a form of a smartphone).

  • No shape Your body must not have clear contours.

    Robots will fight everything anthropomorphous. In other words, you must not look like a biped.

    Try a wingsuit. Long skirt is also an option.

  • No head or two Pretend you're headless

    A neck between your body and you head is another hint for a robot to tell a human from a log.

    To distract your enemy, put president Richard M. Nixon Latex mask on a stick.

    Wear a nice 16th century Tudor ruff collar. A neck fixer is also ok, but it does not match the moto helmet, what's more, you will look bit stupid with a neck fixer.

  • Become a christmas tree.

    You probably know that the light of infrared LEDs (like the ones in your remote) are visible on video.

    Put several dozens of infrared LEDs on your garments. This way you will look like a single white flash for robot’s cameras.

  • Tin foil hat Not to forget about tin foil hat. Seriously.

    This is probably the most important thing. First, it will save your mind from robot’s invasion. And the second, it will make your head invisible for infrared thermal cameras. For this purpose, a golden foil is the best (mind space ships).

  • Mirror have a large mirror shield.

    A robot will not fight itself, right?

  • Fake height Dont be as tall as a human

    Use powerisers. This will confuse your enemy.

That' s all i have to say about that the camouflage.

Now.. what about means of self defence?

  • Water gun

    Water can damage robot’s electrical chains (in theory). Salty water is better. If it does not help, have another gun filled with whiskey. First, burn insulation on robot’s wires, and then use water.

  • Spray paints and a paintball gun

    Try to figure out where the robot’s cameras are, and make them blind.

  • Fixing foam Use polyurethane foam to immobilize them

    Put as much of it as you can inside robot’s mechanisms. Limitations: you have to wait for several hours before foam indurate.

  • Diamond dust

    Put it in robot’s lubrication. For details, refer this nice instructive video.

Stay well.